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FastRep is a web-based customer relations system for managing sales reps, stores, and products.

Accessible from virtually any web enabled device, FastRep’s interface is straightforward and easy to use. Because the software is customized to your metrics, your reps and managers will not waste valuable time scrolling through inapplicable fields. This simplicity yields a much faster uptake resulting in a higher level of performance, productivity and overall profitability.

One of FastRep’s greatest strengths is in the airtight level of security. FastRep servers are hosted in a state of the art data center utilizing advanced security and intrusion detection. Your data is monitored 24/7 by real people whose sole job is to keep your business safe.

FastRep is a comprehensive, fully scalable CRM system for sales rep, store and product management. This web based software is wholly customized to your business according to the parameters and metrics that you decide are important to your organization. No more taking a prepackaged product and trying to bend your operations around it. FastRep puts you in the driver’s seat to track what is important to your organization.

How can FastRep work for my business?

FastRep offers a variety of tools to help make your business more efficient and agile in an ever-changing marketplace. Best of all, they are easily accessible from any computer or web-enabled device – such as your Blackberry or iPhone. Please click on an area of interest below to see a demonstration of how FastRep can help your business Get Fired Up!


FastRep not only maintains the vital basics such as contact information and key personnel, but also allows you to filter, sort and view stores according to multiple parameters. FastRep offers a full suite of reporting on sales, demos, promotional materials, visits, territories, and reps as well as any others that you deem crucial to the productivity and profitability of your business.

Store Visits

FastRep offers a full suite of reporting for managers and administrators to view Sales Reps’ store visit averages and efficiency and much more. For instance, Store Visit metrics can be set to allow tracking of product or store level information such as facings data, pricing, promotional information, etc.

Demos / Events

With FastRep, once a Demo/Event is complete, a full report containing such pertinent information as date, time, store, demonstrator name, amount of product sampled and sold, customer comments, rate to pay demonstrator, or other user defined information can be submitted via e-mail for approval and payment – all before the rep leaves the site.

Reporting Suite

FastRep offers a full suite of Sales Rep Performance Reports customized according to the metrics you specify. A Custom Report Card can be generated to grade your Sales Reps based on the goals that are important to your business. Since FastRep exists within a hosted environment, you can change existing reports or create new ones quickly and easily, allowing your business to keep pace with the marketplace.

Product Promotion

Included in your FastRep suite of services is a publicly accessible store locator. This feature allows consumers to search for local stores that carry your products. The store locator can be integrated into your current website or be viewed on the FastRep website. Because the store locator is driven by recent sales data, FastRep insures only active stores are returned in the search

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